Focusing on your predicament and the most appropriate resolution of difficulties is central to our service. We endeavour to create an atmosphere and an approach which is supportive to our clients. This is imperative when you are facing challenging and stressful situations. We combine this supportive approach with robust and firm negotiations on your behalf. 

Our first step is to understand your individual and specific requirements. We then work with you to deliver the best possible plan. Through this process we aim to minimise conflict whenever possible. We know that settlements which are reached in a civilised manner help you move on to the next stage of your life more easily. This is always our objective. 

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We realise that family breakdown causes disruption and distress to the whole family. We are especially aware of the effects which divorce can have on children. We work with tact and sensitivity, without losing sight of your best interests. 

Sometimes the route to a successful conclusion is through skilled and practical negotiation. On some occasions urgent or pre-emptive court action must be taken. In such circumstances, we act swiftly and decisively using the court process to secure the best possible outcome. 

We work closely with other professionals to ensure that you have a team of advisers who work on your behalf when you require it. This includes Advocates, Accountants, Surveyors and independent financial advisers. We also refer clients to counsellors when their support is needed through stressful times.