Senior Criminal Partner
Neil Kilcoyne has been a criminal defence solicitor for over 19 years practising mostly in Glasgow Courts. He has studied criminal law, criminology, computer crime, forensic medicine and forensic science at University level. 

Neil Kilcoyne has extensive experience in defending in almost all types of prosecutions. He has been involved in defending numerous cases throughout his years practicing ranging from Murder in the High Court of Justiciary through to representing clients at the District Court level. He usually conducts several trials each week with a reputation for getting results. 

What his clients have to say:-
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Mr. P Rape Glasgow High Court
"I was 17 years of age at the time. I finished work on a Saturday and as usual I went out with my friends for a drink. We usually go to the public park and spare ground to drink. I was familiar with my male friends who I had went to school with. Two girls I had known for a few months were present. Both girls started arguing and I went with one of the girls to console her. The thing moved on and we started kissing and eventually had sexual intercourse. I then went home and thought everything was fine. I was approached by the police a few weeks later and accused of rape. I could not believe what was happening. I did not think I needed a lawyer and simply told the police in the interview it was consensual sex. I then was given a date to attend court. I was recommended to go to Neil Kilcoyne & Company. I obtained bail and was told a Trial would take place within 12 months. The case was thoroughly prepared. One of the leading Counsel in the country represented me. I then fully appreciated the importance of having excellent legal representation when I witnessed the lawyers excellent cross examination skills and jury speech. I could tell the lawyer I had was far superior to the prosecution lawyer. The jury came back with a not proven verdict. I put the result down to the quality of Advocacy of my legal team. It made all the difference. I would recommend Neil Kilcoyne & Company to anyone."

Mr. S, Glasgow
“Mr. Neil Kilcoyne has been my lawyer since 1999. I have got off with all trials that he has acted for me in. Most recently I was charged with assault to severe injury and permanent disfigurement and I was found not guilty by a unanimous verdict of the jury. He seems to always be a step ahead of the rest.”

Mr. B, Glasgow was charged with assault to severe injury and permanent disfigurement
“I pleaded self defence. I am no saint but sounded like one when Mr. Kilcoyne spoke to the jury at the end of the case. I was found not guilty.” 

Mr ..... Glasgow. - “ I was charged with 2 sexual assaults. There was three witnesses against me and I had no witnesses myself. It was complete lies and I was having sleepless nights. This type of conviction would have ruined my entire life. Mr. Kilcoyne was very sympathetic towards me. He spent over an hour with me going through every little detail of the case. When that case went to trial I was delighted after the first day. He did such a professional job of exposing the lies. I knew then I had the best lawyer I could have hoped for. I was found not guilty and feel such a weight has been lifted. I would recommend Mr. Kilcoyne to anyone.” 

Mr X, was charged with 2 attempted frauds and attempting to pervert the course of justice:
“My original lawyer told me to plead guilty as I could not get off. I transferred my case to Mr. Kilcoyne. When he read my file he told me that the prosecution had problems and I should go to trial. The trial lasted two days and I got off on all three charges on some legal point. I am delighted I contacted him.” 



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